March 17

I moved the started queen cells along with the frame of pollen and frame of honey from the cell starter to the cell finisher colony today. The cells that I could see look much better than they did with the cloak board method. The only problem is that the cell finisher is really not as strong as it should be. I added all the bees from the cell starter swarm box to the cell finisher so I hope that makes up for the shortage. Fortunately I am only trying to produce about 20 cells, at most 29 if they were all accepted, and this is much less than the 70 or more that a commercial operation would be doing that requires an extremely strong hive. Hopefully the lower number of cells can be cared for well by the weaker hive. When I moved the cells I was very careful not to jar the swarm box and left all adhering bees to the frames as I moved them to disturb them as little as possible.

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