March 16

I made a swarm box using a 5 frame deep nuc box, added about an inch to the bottom and stapled a screen over the bottom. I added a medium frame of honey, medium frame of pollen and two empty medium frames and a soaking wet wash cloth for water. As per Larry Connors teaching in the video at I shook between 2 and 3 lbs of young bees into the box taking them from two strong hives, covered it and set it on blocks in the garage for about 4 hours. I set up one of the strong hives that I took young bees from as the cell finisher. It consisted of 4 medium boxes, I set the queen in the bottom two with a queen excluder and arranged the top two as the cell finisher section. I moved open brood to the top two boxes with three missing frames in the top box ready for the cell starter frames to be added tomorrow. In the afternoon I added 29 grafted queen cups in-between the frame of honey and pollen and returned it to my garage. I used the Chinese grafting tool this time and found it worked surprisingly well bring royal jelly along with the larvae so there was no need to prime the cells.

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