May 16, 2015

Swarm #14; A very small swarm, 1 medium frame of bees was in my Harkins Slough yard when I arrived today. I don’t know where it is from but it did have a queen with it so I put it in a queen mating nuc in HS23 Location.

The Queen cell building in HS27 did not go so well. As you remember it is a hive that I have been fighting to keep from swarming by cutting queen cells weekly. Out of 40 grafts I have 6 sealed queen cells so I will not try that again. Clearly the cloak board queen rearing colony is much better for raising queen cells. I pulled 4 medium frames, two with sealed brood to make an incubator to hold the cells until the mating nucs are made up. I was afraid that the hive would swarm if I left them in the queen right hive.

I received 7 Pure Russian Queens from Tubbs Apiaries yesterday and put them into hives today. I removed the attendant bees from four and left the attendant bees in three. In all cased I left the JzBz cages capped and will watch them closely for acceptance before I either manually release them or I remove the cap to allow the bees to slowly release them.

Two of the VSH Queens that I raised and introduced into hives were rejected. one because I missed an emergency queen cell that they had raised and the other for unknown reasons. As you may recall I introduced 6 of my VSH queens reciently. Three in cages and three with the newspaper method of combining the mating nuc with the queen-less hive. All three of the hives accepted the queens from the nucs but only one of the caged queens was accepted. That is not good news if I want to continuously raise queens in the same nucs. I need to improve my methods of caged queen introduction. I don’t mind restocking mating nucs when hives are on the verge of swarming but I don’t want to do that latter in the season.

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