April 3

Swarm #5,

Swarm #5

Swarm #5

Boxing Swarm#5-2014

Collected at Calabasas Elementary School near Watsonville. The swarm was about 2.5 lbs. on a chain link fence. The Swarm was not too difficult to collect. I simply scrapped some of the bees into a cardboard  box by working one of the boxes flaps under the bees to get them started in. Get enough into the box so they fan and indicate to the others that the box is a good place to be then the rest will started to crawl into it on their own.  Bees are not hard to get to move into a box especially if you use a box that you have used before as they smell that bees have been there before. They will move in faster with some light brushing with a bee brush. Once they are in the box, tape it closed so the bees cannot get out and take it home. Don’t leave them in too long or they will over heat.

When you get them home, remove a few frames from the hive you are putting them into, open cardboard box and dump them in. I installed these into a hive at my High Ground Organic Farm yard at position #8 on Lewis Rd.

Hiving Swarm#5-2014

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