April 26

Swarm #8 was picked up in Salinas. The swarm is small consisting of  three medium frames of bees and a very large queen. The swarm was put in a 5 frame medium nuc set in hive location W2.

While at the W yard I peeked into the two hives with queens that I raised  this year, both are laying very well with many frames of sealed brood. The brood should start emerging in 4 days. Both hives barely have enough bees to cover all the brood and the nights have been a little chilly with several cold fronts passing through. I hope I don’t lose any of the brood. The hive populations should start to explode in 4 days as the brood emerges so I will likely need to give them room in six days. The new queens seem to be laying so much better than the older queens that it is amazing. It is exciting to see queens that I raised doing so well.

Update: 5/22/14, Hive is queenless and was combined with W3

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